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Our office hours are:
Monday through Friday:
7 a.m. until 4:00 p.m.
Inspectors are available from
7 - 9 a.m.

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(828) 649-3766

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Our office is located at 5707 US 25/70 across from Madison High School in Marshall, North Carolina.

Sylvia Shelton, Admin. Assistant
Tony Williams, Zoning Administrator
Danny Allen, Code Enforcement Officer
Sara Nichols, County Planner 828-649-1377

When calling about an Inspection please have your permit number and owner's name readily available.

Planning & Zoning

2017 Proposed Land Use Ordinance Changes

In 1974 the citizens of Madison County adopted its zoning ordinance. Over the past 40 years the ordinance has had a few revisions and updates based on growth and new development that has entered the county. Our now current Land Use Ordinance deals with several aspects relating to our county, such as subdivions, watershed, and communication towers. As well as staying current with our ever changing legislative rules and any new definitions that may arise.

The County Commissioners established a Planning Board and a Board of Adjustment. These Board are set in place to oversee zoning, plan for future development and growth along with handling appeals and conditional uses.

The current Citizens of Madison County owe a debt of gratitude to the Leadership and voters of the County who had the foresight in 1974 to implement county wide zoning. Zoning was not intended to tell everyone what to do with their land, but to regulate the development and growth that the county has. Orderly land use planning ensures property owners that they will have a voice in decisions made regarding land use decisions that may directly affect them.

The towns of Mars Hill, Marshall and Hot Springs respectively each have their on zoning. They adopted ordinances, and have appointed boards of their own to oversee the planning and zoning. For information on how to contact them please go to our contacts link.

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