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A valid Madison County Solid Waste Disposal Card is required when disposing of waste in Madison County's Solid Waste disposal facilities.The annual fee is included on the property tax bill.The solid waste disposal card will be issued along with receipt of payment.Please keep the card in a secure place as you would any credit card; it is your key to solid waste disposal in Madison County

Your solid waste disposal card will be honored when disposing of your waste at Madison County's solid Waste Collection Center and at the County Landfill. Display your card to the attendant on duty at the Collection Centers or at the scale house window when entering the Landfill. The card will have the owner's name and numerical number that can be identified if attempted use is made by a wrongful holder.

Disposal at Collection Centers are provided for the acceptance of residential household related waste only.Your disposal card will enable you, at no other cost, to dispose of your daily general garbage, household fixtures, such as furniture, appliances, microwave, etc. and your recyclables.

Appropriate containers are provided for these items.Please bag or contain all loose waste taken to the Collection Centers.Household hazardous or toxic waste cannot be accepted.

Large loads, loose waste, construction and demolition waste, industrial or commercial waste, certain farm related waste and any special waste are to be taken to the Landfill.Regulations require the separation of wastes due to where and how it is disposed.General trash, furniture and carpet must be disposed of in the transfer station.Construction and demolition materials go to the C & D Landfill.Appliance/Metal and Recyclables go to the designated containers provided at the Landfill.Always keep this in mind when loading your vehicle; it will make unloading much easier.

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