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    Please be noticed that a recount has been demanded for the statewide contest of Associate Justice-North Carolina Supreme Court (Beasley seat). Plan to conduct a MACHINE recount so results can be reported to our office by the close of business this Thursday, November 20. If other recounts have been demanded in your county, you may also conduct the other recount at the same time as this statewide recount, following the same general process. Remember that other contests under the jurisdiction of the State Board of Elections may still be demanded up until noon on Tuesday (we will contact those affected counties on Tuesday afternoon).
    The recount for Madison County Board of Elections will be conducted on Thursday at 9:00 a.m. If the recount results in a discrepancy between the CANVASS results and the recount results, an emergency meeting of the Board of Elections will be called to address the discrepancy accordingly.
    -Kathy Ray, Director

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Kathy M. Ray, Certified Elections Administrator, Director

Shirley Ponder, Certified Elections Administrator, Deputy Director

Madison County Administrative Building
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Suite E, Room 12
Marshall, NC 28753

Phone: 828-649-3731
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Dyatt F. Smathers

Ray Lewis

Certified Election Official, Member:
Jerry Wallin

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