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Beech Glen Ballot Style G001

Ebbs Chapel Ballot Style G002

Grapevive Ballot Style G003

Hot Springs Ballot Style G004

Laurel Ballot Style G005

Mars Hill Ballot Style G006

North Marshall Ballot Style G007

Revere-Rice Cove Ballot Style G008

Sandy Mush Ballot Style G009

South Marshall Ballot Style G010

Spring Creek Ballot Style G011

Walnut Ballot Style G012


Madison County Board of Commissioners and Madison County Board of Elections are partnering with Elections Systems & Software and Printelect to conduct a test of the DS200 Digital Imaging Scanner at the Board of Elections One-Stop Site located at 5707 US 25-70 Hwy, Marshall, NC 28753 Room 26 during the upcoming November 4, 2014 General Election. For the first time in decades, Madison County voters will have the choice and opportunity to vote by marking a paper ballot rather than using the iVotronic touch screen machines.

All one-stop voters who choose to vote at the Board of Elections one-stop site will be using the DS200 and paper ballots to cast their votes. All other one-stop sites and precincts on Election Day will continue to use the iVotronic touch screen machines.

Please remember, any voter can use any of the five (5) one-stop sites to cast his/her vote. Voters voting on Election Day must vote at his/her correctly assigned precinct. Voters with registration changes or unreported moves are encouraged to update their registration information at the Board of Elections Office or by submitting by mail a voter registration application as soon as possible prior to Election Day.

For demonstrations and training videos of the new voting system, follow the links below.

(DS200 County Training Videos)

(DS200 County Message from the Director of Elections)

(Demonstration Video)

Click on View Video Demo for the DS200 (both in Spanish and English)

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