The Animal Shelter encourages all pet owners to spay or neuter their pet to prevent unwanted litters.

Madison County Animal Shelter
389 Long Branch Road
Marshall, NC 28753
Phone: 828-649-3190
Fax: 828-649-3259

From US Hwy 25/70 turn onto Long Branch Road, travel 2 tenths of a mile and Animal Shelter Rd turns to the left. We are at the top of the hill.

Hours of Operation
Tuesday: 10am-5pm
Wednesday: 10am-5pm
Thursday: 10am-5pm
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Saturday: 10am-3pm
Sunday: Closed
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Animal Shelter
Spay/Neuter Program

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Your pet adopted from the Madison County Animal Shelter will be spayed or neutered. The cost is included in the adoption fee.

Prevent A Litter - It's Good for You, Your Pet and Madison County!

Spayed and neutered pets are better, more affectionate, companions.

Neutered cats are less likely to spray and mark territory.

Spaying a female dog or cat eliminates its heat cycle, which can last twenty-one days, twice a year, in dogs, and anywhere from three to fifteen days, three or more times a year, in cats. Females in heat often cry incessantly, show nervous behavior, and attract unwanted male animals.

Spayed and neutered pets are less likely to bite. Unaltered animals often exhibit more behavior and temperament problems than those that have been spayed or neutered.

Spayed and neutered dogs and cats live longer, healthier lives.

Spaying female dogs and cats eliminates the possibility of uterine or ovarian cancer and greatly reduces the incidence of breast cancer.

Neutering male dogs and cats reduces the incidence of prostate cancer.

Neutered animals are less likely to roam and fight.

Communities spend millions of dollars to control and eliminate unwanted animals. Irresponsible breeding contributes to the problem of dog bites and attacks. Animal shelters are overburdened with surplus animals.

Above information obtained from The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS.)

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