Madison County 911 

Director, Teresa Ogle (pictured above), can be reached at 828-649-3602 or by email .

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• Monday-Friday 8:30 am to 5:00 pm Call the Communications Center at 828-649-3602
•Tell us the road on which your New Structure is located.
•Know an Address close to where you are going to build for reference
•Have your Driveway in place.
• We will need to know if it is on the right or left.
•We will need your name and contact phone number.
•Any Driveway with 3 houses will have to be named.

E-911 Address Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you have to measure for my address?

•Our system is based on mileage

•Example address of 1000 Health Care Ln you are 1 mile on the right. If it is 501 Health Care Ln you are ½ mile on the left.

What do I if my Road Sign is missing?

• Contact Madison County EOC at 828-649-3602

How to I post my house number?

•If your home is less than 100ft from the road you must display your number at, or near your front door with numbers at least 3 inches tall.

•If your home is not visible from the road or your home is more than 100ft from the road display your number at your driveway with number at least 3 inches tall.

•You may post your number on the mailbox if it is in front of your house and the only mailbox. Your number should be displayed on both sides of the mailbox with numbers at least 3 inches tall.

•If you live in an apartment building or multi unit complex, the address must be displayed at or near the center of the building with numbers at least 6 inches tall. Each apartment must also display individual unit number at or near the doorway.

•Mobile Home Parks each lot must be marked with a house number.

•Businesses must display their address numbers at least 6 inches tall.

•Any questions on posting your house number call Madison County EOC 
at 828-649-3602.

Frequently Asked Questions About 911 Addresses

What is a 9-1-1 address?
A 9-1-1 address is the physical address of your structure. When you dial 9-1-1 from a “land” phone in an emergency, this is the location information that is available to a dispatcher.

Why do I need a 9-1-1 address?
Primarily, to assist emergency services in responding to calls. A 9-1-1 address helps emergency services to locate residents. A faster response time can make a significant difference is survival and degree of recovery. However, E-911 location addresses are also often required for phone service, building permits, drivers license renewal, land titles, loans, mail delivery, insurance and for other purposes requiring a site location. The correct. When you receive your next bill make sure the address is correct if not make the changes and send it back to the telephone company.





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